Summer Solstice 2016

Seeing all of the beautiful and awe inspiring photos of tonight’s magnificent sunset as the sun said goodnight after its longest day of the year, knowing that we are all looking up at the sky at the same time with the same bewilderment as to how beautiful Mother Earth truly is, my heart is filled with so much love and reminds me that we are all truly One.

As you continue to reflect and pause on your witness of Mother Earth’s glory. Take a moment to recognize the glory that you are and give love to yourself, exactly as you are, exactly as you came to be in this very moment. And then send your love out to all of those you hold dear. And most importantly, send your love out to those who need it the most. Those who have lost their way, those who have hurt you and hurt people you love. True love is unconditional. Every single being on this earth needs it. I’m pretty sure the more we all have of it, the absolute better we are.

I love you.

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