Pep Talk

Do not judge your journey, your self, or your thoughts.  He told you that the third time you met…do not judge your journey.  Do not compare yourself or your journey to anyone else’s.  This is your journey, this is your path, these are your lessons.  You can only learn them when the time is right … More Pep Talk

One year ago…

One year ago today, I boarded a plane, sat in my global first class seat drinking French champagne, closed my eyes, and woke up in Bali.  I spent 6 magical weeks diving deeply into what yoga truly means to me, facing some of my deepest and darkest beliefs about myself, and becoming a certified yoga … More One year ago…

I AM a Bad Yogi

All my life I’ve placed myself into very specific categories:  woman, independent, smart, scientist, to name a few.  It has only been in the last few years, and most certainly in the last couple of months, that I’ve begun to expand that list of how I define myself:  yogi, healer, artist, and now officially a … More I AM a Bad Yogi

My Prayer to You

You are the unique manifestation of the love of the universe. Your pain, your sadness, your suffering, your failures and fear are as important as your joy, your happiness, your success. Combined, they make you who you are in this very moment. Without your darkness, you would never know your light. And you are the … More My Prayer to You