My Prayer to You

You are the unique manifestation of the love of the universe.

Your pain, your sadness, your suffering, your failures and fear are as important as your joy, your happiness, your success. Combined, they make you who you are in this very moment. Without your darkness, you would never know your light. And you are the light of the universe. You are the love of the universe.

When we confront our pain and fear head on, we begin the process of moving beyond them. And, what lies beyond fear is the most compassionate and magnificent love.

Take a moment to find compassion for yourself. For your faults and failings. For your triumphs and joys.

Take time to find compassion for others. For those who have brought you great joy and especially for those who have brought you great pain, for it is those individuals who have brought you the greatest pain who also bring you the greatest growth.

Take a deep breath and inhale the divine love of the universe.

Now, exhale all of your divine love back.

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