Star Lotus Yoga @ Scoop Studio Pilates

Scoop Studio Pilates
The beautiful Scoop Studio Pilates. Photo taken by one of our amazing trainers, Michelle Lee.

Hello everyone!  I am thrilled to announce that I will be teaching yoga at Scoop Studio Pilates in San Mateo on Sunday mornings and Friday evenings beginning July 11, 2015.  Scoop is a wonderful pilates studio with kind loving energy and amazing trainers.  I have been a pilates student at Scoop for many years and am excited to now also be a part of their amazing team of trainers as their first and only yoga instructor.

I am proud to offer an Intro to Vinyasa Flow for beginners, an intermediate Vinyasa Flow class, a Restorative Yoga class, and a Yoga Pranala class.  Each class will emphasize different aspects of the yoga practice with some more heavily emphasizing the physical poses, or asanas, and others emphasizing breathing and meditation practices.  Click here to read the class description and sign up for classes!

I feel so blessed and am so grateful to the wonderful trainers, Sara, Stacy, Aubrie, Michelle, and Jaime, and Scoop Studio owner, Molly, for supporting me through my own practice and giving me this opportunity to teach along side with them.  Make sure to check out the Scoop Studio website and see what other awesome pilates classes they have to offer.  Pilates and Yoga are a wonderful combination of body strengthening, muscle lengthening, and overall well-being.

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